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  1. Okay, I have been doing this....so let me rephrase my question...is there a way to read posts that I have either started, or posted in, that have been posted after me? So that I don't have to go back and re read EVERY SINGLE POST I have participated in? kwim? Thanks! Or do I need to click on "notify"? But would that mean via email?
  2. I probably will get both shots this year, when the time rolls around again. Can you tell me the "why" behind this...."those with the strongest immune systems, are the most at risk, of death by "cytogenic storm." Why not those with the weakest?
  3. great! Now I want cookies and milk!
  4. I remember my my dad doing that too, furbabymom. I remember HUGE night crawlers, too.....not sure if they were under a rock or in compost pile.
  5. thanks for the other link Westbrook!
  6. Hmmmm.....I saw someone named "wormguy" posts here, maybe he can help us?
  7. I was just wondering how to go about making and maintaing a worm bed? I remember my mom saving coffee/tea grounds....but not why. Any suggestions? We went fishing Saturday, (well, I watched) and had fresh fish for supper that night...yummy! Anyway, I was looking to have a ready supply of bait available anytime we want to go. I was wondering, too, if anyone sells them? How did you get started and what supplies do you need? Did you make any money? Thanks ya'll!
  8. Welcome...I am pretty new, and don't post much, (I don't have much to offer) but love the info I find here. Will try to check out your site soon.
  9. I have to say, everytime I see "cookiejar", I hear in my head, the Cookie Monster singing, "cookie cookie cookie, cookie starts with C!" (and my dd is 12, so why am I still singing Sesame Street songs!?) lol
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