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  1. Jori

    Hi, I'm back

    It's been forever since I've checked in and I was thrilled my log in still worked!!! Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Jori

    Happy Birthday Tareesa & Susitna

    to you both! Have a wonderful day!!
  3. Jori

    Happy Birthday TheCG & Carmen

    Happy Birthday TheCG & Carmen
  4. Jori

    Auugh, woke up in meltdown

    Praying that it passes quickly!
  5. Jori

    Happy Birthday Tareesa

    Happy Birthday Tareesa!
  6. Jori

    Happy Birthday Susitna

    Happy Birthday Susitna!
  7. sparkysarah! Have a wonderful day
  8. Jori

    Happy Birthday Darlene

    Happy Birthday Darlene!

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