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  1. Happy New Year — and Cat, what beautiful sentiments!
  2. I’m glad that he is doing all right, and that y’all were able to get in touch with his sister.
  3. Prayers...poor gentleman, I hope he recovers.
  4. Yesterday, I broke out the canner and made Cranberry Orange Marmalade to distribute as Christmas gifts! It turned out awesome -- even my super-picky kid liked it. It was so much fun to be busy canning again! It's been a long time.
  5. Thank you, Ambergris! That is perfect. It has a specific set of instructions for ground meat. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi! I have canned vegetables and chicken in my pressure canner, and I noticed that there is a recipe in my Ball Book for “chopped meat.” Could anyone tell me whether that would be the same as ground meat? For example, could I can ground turkey or hamburger using the recipe for chopped meat? I am always very careful about following the recipes and I don’t want to mess anything up. Thank you!
  7. Alas Babylon — one of my favorite books, and very much a portrait of its time. Fort Repose was definitely lucky in that story! NK’s “head honcho” has a big mouth. I think hems utterly surprised that Trump has a big mouth too. God willing, he’ll stick with rhetoric; he must realize how outgunned he is in the nuclear sense. I’m praying his sense of self preservation will prevent him from getting serious about attacking the US, Japan, S Korea, or Guam.
  8. Oh goodness, I wanted to post something about North Korea today! I have to admit that I am concerned as well. While North Korea worries me because there is a very unstable man in charge of the country, I am also concerned by the President’s words as well. However, what really gets me worried is the fact that China and Russia are also involved, at least in terms of rhetoric. Would they get involved if (Heaven forbid) the situation in NKorea turns into a bona fide shooting match? I am a complete Cold War junkie (totally fascinated by the history of that era), and I like to think that I am pretty knowledgeable about nuclear survival. I just always hoped that this sort of thing would truly stay part of the past. Now it’s our reality again.
  9. Amarantha


    Thank you all so much for your kind welcome!
  10. Amarantha


    Hi there! I am excited to have found this forum! There is a lot going on in the world today that I find worrisome. Mrs. Survival looks like a very good resource for getting so much information. Thanks for approving my request to join!
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