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Gardening postponed.

Well it rained on us today so we couldn't start planting. Looks like its going to storm all day tomorrow too. I did let dd plant a pot of common yarrow today since she is so excited. I was afraid she'd have a meltdown if I didn't let her plant "her garden". She's so cute. She is so excited about the garden. She's going to be my big helper this year.



Gardening season starts

Its time to start the garden!!! I'm so excited. This will be my first real garden so I'm really excited. I've been reading and planning like crazy. I started my first garden last year but with the move and all I wasn't able to stay and keep it. I hope all goes well this year. I'll start planting tomorrow. I have to clean up the garden spot that hubby tilled this weekend.   Going in the ground: English peas, snap peas, snow peas, 2 varieties of onions, dill, 2 varieties of carrots, and 2 varie



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