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Just Another Day On The Farm



It is cold. I ran out of propane a few days ago. I had to change companies that deliver propane and went from a metered system to a call for delivery.


I hate the call for delivery! this means I have to check my tank. I ran out! oops! good thing I have an oil filled heater and a fire place. Today I will get filled.


Lesson learned.. NEVER NEVER call and say "I am out of propane" the lady on the other end of the phone said "that will be another $45 charge for a pressure test"


WHAT???? oh brother... told her the only time I ever had a leak on my tank was 2 months ago when YOU told me I needed to spend $110 to change all the valvues because that is what you do for all new customers to assure there isn't a leak! I told her after 60 years there has never been a problem! and if there is a leak, it is my money leaking out! so she agreed to not charge me a fee this time.


So NEVER NEVER say you are out! say, you have a less then 5 gallons.. which is true and not a lie. Sheesh! oh and I will remember to call every 5-6 weeks for propane delivery. Why can't they just come out and fill me is beyond me.. I even said I will automatically pay them from my bank.. nope! I will put $500 on account! nope! new company.


My old propane company that I was with 30 years... the driver doesn't want to come up my driveway any more. They had excuse after excuse why they weren't here and it was always my dogs! ROFL!!!! my dogs... are always locked up when he came. I even had the gate opened. Once he said I had a padlock on my gate!

A PADLOCK? that would be dumb on my part cause my husband would loose the key! besides.. I have dogs!


There is never a dull moment here!


I have to leave in about 2 hours for class. I taking 3 classes at the college. Couture gowns, Pattern drafting, and a Tap class! <--- ROFL!!!


It is sunny and 32 degrees, it is snowing! is this not weird.. the snow is blowing in from the West so it isn't sticking... pretty though. I noticed the goats broke out and are running around the back, climbing all over the hay that is stacked, some knocked off, and a mess!


Tomorrow I have to go down to the City and get trained on a computer program for my husband's company. He moved and his secretary won't drive to the new facility. So until he finds a new secretary, I need to learn the program and write a procedure manual for it so his new secretary can get familiar with it. I told my DH he needed to learn this program and he started to go off on a tangent about how he is the CEO and blah, blah, blah.... after he was through.. I asked him.. if I don't feel well and can't go then what? he will be going with me! LOL! silly boy! he sort of forgot who wears the Levis in this family!


Tomorrow is Friday.... get everything ready for Saturday, Valentine Day!




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be patient JCK88... today is day 2 and in a few days only the instructor will be on youtube... teaching us the new routine. I will post when listed.

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