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Time with my youngest!



My daughter and I created a limerick, actually we created two, but one turned out...well unsuitable for turning in 'officially' so we created another one for turning in. However her teacher read the first one and gave her a grade on the first one -- A+ LOL She said "Eeewwww....good but eewww..."


We started off with my daughter's name (Tya, age 11) and changed it to Mia (You will read WHY)


There once was a girl named Mia


Who lived in the land of Korea


She cooked all the food


It was bad, so they sued


And she said, "Gotta go, Diarrea!"


The second one she wrote was a poke at her teacher, whose name is Ileen, and she calls herself "The only Queen" (In her room) She has Queen up all over her room. LOL

So, Tya did this one to poke fun.


There once was a Princess Ileen


Who wanted to be crowned the Queen


Against it, her father, the King


Because of all the MUD she did Fling!


Little Princess Illeen wasn't Queen.




Luckily her teacher has a great sense of humor and liked both poems. LOL




Onto my garden. I haven't been able to come up with the 75 dollars required to rototill the yard, and can't physically do it. I am hoping the beginning of next month we will manage. Luckily there is something you can plant here every month of the year.


I am planting rosemary in the front, and going to allow it to spread to cover as much of the yard as it wants to cover.


My daughter Katy is having a birthday on the 23rd of Feb. Her party is going to be the 27th because I can buy pizza on that day (I will get paid the 27th because the first lands on Sunday). She is having a Twilight party. With a spectacular Twilight cake. I am trading children's books for a cake!








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