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Shouts in the Dark



Last night at about 11 we heard screams. Sirens. I went to bed, with doors locked and the gun under my pillow.


This morning, my kids reported to me that 'something was happening outside' and the police told them to get back. They told me there was police tape up and they went under it and the police told them to go back the other way (they walk to school via this road). Come to find out, last night two women were stabbed by a man. http://www.azfamily.com/news/local/stories...ing.c823bb.html He is on the run from police. This is the interview of me at my home. http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/news/peoria_attack_021009 This is the interview of me in my car, coming back from somewhere.


From where I am sitting in the car, there you could see the blood on the street. There are gangs everywhere, Black gangs, Mexican gangs, Hispanic -- whatever. There is a black gang that hangs out three doors down from our house. Tonight there was a fight in front of the house and police were called. (By me and I am sure others). I have seen people smoking crack in front of that house, and marijuana.


On the other side of the street, at the corner, there is another gang -- Hispanic - that hangs out. Mostly teenages, but sometimes there are small kids and older people in there too. That is where the stabbing was a few months ago.


There is a crazy man who lives somewhere along the street where this man stabbed those women. Crazy on drugs? Mentally ill? I don't know, I do know he was smoking some kind of drugs in an apple bong the other day. My kids came to me with the story that the man was 'trying to light an apple on fire on the top" Google Apple bong, shows how to make one. That is what he had. Cheap, easy to make and you can always ditch part of it and eat the apple. LOL


Anyway, the first interview that I had was with Fox news in my car. One of the things I said, that I am glad they didn't quote me on was "This neighborhood is going downhill like the economy". It is true, but I would be willing to bet my neighbors wouldn't like me saying it. Bad enough what I did say.


It was interesting that at first I didn't know I was being interviewed, I had stopped the car to ask if they had caught the man, and the reporter came over to answer me, the camera man followed and had the camera at waist height. Then he put it on his shoulder after a few questions. ACK I look terrible. My hair is a mess, My face is all swollen and fat. That is my daughter in the background.


The second interview was from News 3 knocking on my door. They had to walk past a messy yard full of horse dung. LOL It rained last night and it smelled -- like horse dung! LOL The entire yard is covered in it waiting for me to have enough money to rototill the yard.


I hate this neighborhood, but like I said, I am putting in a garden. I am single, disabled, poor, living in the Barrio, in a bad gang infested neighborhood, but I am here and I have to live here, problably until I die. :(


I hate that my kids are exposed to this and I have no way out.




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Angela, I hate it that you are there, too. But I'm proud of you for making the best of what you do have. Your kids will find a way out if you keep teaching them the right ways and God will bless all of your efforts as He has been doing.

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Thank you for sharing this story, Angela. I have lived in an area very similar and it is terrifying. Never feel like you are stuck and there is no other way. Make the best you can with what you have and always be asking God to help you get out. You will, eventually. It may not seem like it, but you will. And also, don't bash yourself! You are a beautiful person and you do not look fat and swollen. :grumble:

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