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Spring Fling! (and more)



The ....things....I ordered came in. WOO HOO!!! Now I have to box up and ship the spring fling items. Ready to ship out on Monday! Can you say WOO HOO? I thought you could!


I packed the box, and then -- it wouldn't all FIT, so I unpacked the box, and then repacked another box. It wouldn't all FIT, so I unpacked the box, looked at what I was sending, looked throuigh all my boxes and went with a BIGGER BOX....it all fit. WOO HOO. I had to use a little survival tool as packing material. *grin* Might take them a minute to figure out what it could be used for...but she...or he... will get it.


There are some weird things in the box, and a clue as to who I am. They should get that immediately. It is a GOOD clue. LOL


Today and yesterday I went yard saling. Yesterday I bought a BBQ grill. In good condition, with a 5 gallon propane tank. 10 dollars. Delivered to my house for 5. Good deal. I needed an alternative cook method, and I figured with the propane I could get more bottles and have a way to cook meals! WOO HOO!


I bought something totally frivoulous. A Corner cabinet for my tiny porcelain dolls that my Mom gave me and my Delft. I keep worried about it getting broken so I bought the corner unit. It cost me 40 dollars. (It was listed on Craigslist for 50 and I talked her down 10).


Also frivolous, but totally cool. The GOOD (bigger) Playstation 2, carrying case, cords, two controlers and three memory cards 20 dollars. 6 games for 5 dollars more. I felt like I was stealing from the kids because, even used, they go for 100 bucks on Criagslist.


NON frivolous stuff. 5 dollars each for a big plastic bin of felt, a big box of fabric (mostly cottons, in pretty colors and florals, good for sun dresses for the girls), and a big basket of yarn.


Books for 10 cents each. I bought 40 books from one place that was really stocked full of good kids books. Another place had bodice ripper (Historical romance) books and some mysteries (My Mom reads the mysteries and romance mysteries).


Shovel 2 bucks. A brand new box with 6 canning jars, a jar puller, a magnetic lid lifter, a canning funnel, a spice bag, and some recipes for salad dressings / vinegrettes. All new still packaged! Two tables clothes -- retail price on them was 45 dollars and 50 dollars -- for 1$ each -- they were unopened! The one in blue goes really well in my front room! I use table clothes to cover up the fact that there is no finish on my dining room table. I wasn't going to buy them (didn't even ask the price) We left and signs led up back there from a different direction and I asked my daughter to go ask the price. 1 buck I couldn't pass up!


Today I found more books. One activity book with some great ideas in it for kids. Several kids books. Clothes (summer) for Katy for 25 cents each.




Every place I stopped at I asked about canning jars. No one had them but the one half box that came with the canning supplies. I went to Goodwill and they want 1,.49 for pints and 99 cents for 1/2 pints. Not going to happen.






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I love hearing about your finds. I am living vicariously through your yard sales....it's too cold here for that kind of fun! :lol:

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