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The Daily Grind



OK...so that's not the most positive title...but I'm not the most creative person when it comes to making catchy blog titles.


I'm finding that it's most important to stick with familiar, daily routines when going through major changes in your life. It's easy at work...everything is still the same...for me at least.. But, at home I'm finding it hard to keep the routines...and my home doesn't feel like home anymore. Even with trying to keep the signs of moving out of the way...there are still boxes everywhere...and empty shelves... It's making me crazy.


I've found out most property management companies in this area start listing places the first week of March...which is good because because a lot of the places we've looked at aren't worth the money. I'm hoping we have some better choices.


This week I did get some things accomplished.


1. Got rid of a large garbage can of junk.


2. Boxed up some books.


3. Vaccumed sealed 20 lbs. of salt.


4. Added more stuff to the garage sale pile.


5. Added 10 cans of soup to food storage.


6. Cleared out purse and added to change jar.



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You are so right about developing routines and sticking to the familiar. I read an article a while back about time management and how much you would save by sticking to routines. Being able to do things without having to process a great deal of thought can be a life saver when your brain is filled up with the 'situation' at hand.


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