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It has been stormin' here since 3:30 this morning. Good for us because we really need the rain here. This is going to be a stay at home day. I'll be catching up on laundry and other household stuff.



To do list for the week:


  • lesson plans (Done)
  • juice lemons (Almost done...about 50 left)
  • Go through current first aid kit (check expir. dates)
  • Order more of dh's meds (Done)
  • Inventory batteries (Done-need more...someone's been raiding the stash)
  • Add 2 gallons water to storage (Done)
  • Check battery operated radio (make sure it still works)
  • Check flashlights (working? Need new batteries?) (Done)
  • Find out local emergency station and write it down!
  • Establish an evacuation route from your home in case of fire or other emergency.
  • Make a copy of a document that can serve as proof of residency and place in your 72 hour kit. (Done)


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