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This will be another step back to being the Land of the Free!
















There have been people refusing to fill Birth control scrips because they do not believe in Birth Control. I found this completely unacceptable. If you work in a pharmacy your job is to give me my meds, no matter what your beliefs.


Otherwise, you are inflicting your beliefs on me. What is next? not believing in pork? not allowing working during muslim prayer time? Scientology doesn't believe in mental illnesses(I think?) so do they get to not recommend psychiatrists? Are we all obligated to allow a PETA people to not ring up meat purchases in grocery stores? Its a slippery slope, I don't want to go down it at all - and we had been.




So I am very happy this is being overturned. It is a very bad precedent.






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Thank you for reposting. I so agree with you on this! If someone doesn't like all their job entails, then they need to find a different job. If my doctor writes me a prescription then I expect it to be filled at any pharmacy. That is their job. Period. Good things are finally happening in this country again! :americanflag:

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