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T ake My Advice



Last night I finally got around to reformating my computer.


With all of the junk that accumilates over the months it is reccomended to reformat at least once a year. I clean out everything daily. I run scans, have firewalls, antivirus, ad adware protection, etc. I do most of the updates.


Still, over time you still end up with unwantd files, broken links, registry problems. Yes, it is a slight pain having to reinstall all of your programs and the numerous updates but you end up with a like new computer.


Of course I always save all of my favorites and back up important files to blank cd's. Notice, I said I "always". Except for last night , that is. sigh....


One problem I was having with my computer was in transfering files to be copied. There was no way I could back up files. My spare flash drive was full and would not hold any more files.


I came up with what I thought was a very smart idea. I have always been good at improvising. Windows Live Messenger has a feature that allows you to share files with friends. These files are held in a Sharing Folder and remain there until you delete them.


I tested it and it was storing all the files I submitted. There seemed to be no space limitations. I had over 800 files! There were family Tree Files, Photo Albums, Music Files, tons of Word Documents, mostly on Preps, etc. They would be there just until today. Double checked, triple checked before i wiped my computer clean.


Today the files are gone !!!!!! I don't know if I am more madder at myself for trying this or madder at Microsoft, who by the way has yet to get back to me.


I have learned a very hard lesson. I should have went and bought another flash drive before reformatting. Take my advice....Never, never, never trust anyone else to store your files.


There is one good thing that came out of this. I have a new computer!


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