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Blackberry Jam!



I was looking through the grocery store flyers and spotted a nice sale at Sprouts Market (sort of a health food/Organic ) grocery. They had fresh blackberries for 88 cents /6oz box. I figured it was worth a road trip to the next town over, to visit the place. About 20$ of berries later, I have managed to make jam! Do you have any idea how long it has been since I made jam? Literally about 8-9 yrs, and before that, more like 20 yrs. Yes this is only the 3rd time I have ever made jam. And I gotta say, it is tasty! I'm just waiting on the jars to cool and test the seals, but the 5 pts look good, and the scraps in the fridge taste yummy! I'm stoked!




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What an incredible price for blackberries! I am so jealous. I could eat a whole package in one sitting. My husband and I have wars over who ate more than their share of a package, so I have to buy two at a time!

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I eventually made a total of 3 batches so I hope to have enough to last this year. The sale has ended now, so I willhave to consider the next fruit to go on sale...perhaps strawberries!

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