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Many things going on recently...



Haven't kept up with this little blog for a while, as there have been lots of things going on around here. We have some apples on our two little apple trees! A lot more got pollinated than the little things can support, so I noticed they have been self-culling. Saves me the mental anguish of culling them myself I guess. I hate thinning plants or culling fruit!


We (DH & I) also successfully taught Monkey1 how to ride a bicycle! This was a major goal, as DH & I both love to ride, and the Monkeys have put a serious crimp in our riding. We hope to get the other two graduated to a no-training-wheels situation maybe even later this summer, provided we can get enough time to ride in our church's parking lot. It's big and empty during most days, and has a slight slope to help, and islands to navigate around too. :darlenedance:


DH has also gotten a fair bit of OT from work, which is nice as it lets us have a little bit of spending money. We've been trying to pay down stuff as his union still is working without a contract...I only hope they don't get totally reamed if/when they sign a new contract. Healthcare has been the biggest sticking point.


Lastly, we got rid of some accumulated 'stuff' thru the church garage sale (which is tomorrow). We want to go early, to see if there is anything worth buying, but the challenge will be to keep the Monkeys from buying back all the stuff we donated!



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You have had a lot going on! Life can be a grand and glorious thing! I hope you find some treasures at the Yard Sale, they can be a lot of fun! :)

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