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If Life is a bush of cherries...(pics added!)



then why did I plant six of them?? :o

Yes folks, about 4 yrs ago I decided to plant 6 Nanking Bush cherries. Despite the best efforts of both Texas weather & the Monkeys, all 6 survived. The first year they fruited, the Monkeys picked most of them whilst still too green, the next year the mockingbirds ate them all. :angry: Last year, we got a goodly number and the Monkeys enjoyed eating them. These are small, marble sized fruits with a pit of course, and they tend on the tart side, unless you wait until they are super-ripe.


This year however....God apparently wants me to have cherries all year! Goodness have we been blessed with a bumper crop! I have started giving some away, as my free space in the chest freezer is rapidly filling with frozen cherries! One bush is nearing crop-end this year and is very sweet. Another two are just coming into full ripeness, two more are about a week behind, and the last did not set a good crop (5 of 6 set good crops). I will try to get some pics up eventually too.


A friend even told me a recipe for....well, uh, cherry whiskey liqueur. 2c cherries whole, a fifth of cheap whiskey and 2c sugar, all placed in a large sealable glass jar and left alone for a month to work its magic. Haven't tried it yet, but ya never know! :P




The row of bushes:



Pics of the crop:






The bushes not yet ripe:



See? Life IS a bush of cherries! This I picked this morning...



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I have a simular recipe but instead of using whisky it uses vodka, a cinnamon stick and a couple of whole cloves. Seems like 'sky might be too strong and the flavors would compete. I would imagine you could even make cherry brandy (or rum) that way!

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Those are gorgeous! You could can some...but I think the dehydrating idea is best for such an abundance. (Go ahead laugh at me..I forgot you refer to the kids as monkeys...and I thought for a minute somehow you had a colony of wild monkeys of the animal variety down there attacking your trees LOL :::::::::::thwacking self on head:::::)

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This reminds me of the bumper cherry crop we had when I was a kid. For some reason, our Bing tree produced bushels and bushels and bushels one year. It was all we did for a month, to clean and pit cherries, drying them, canning them, etc.


Mom kept finding pits all over the house and accused my sister and I of leaving pits. We claimed innocence. It wasn't until I happened to see the dog....that I understood.


We had left 5 6-gallon buckets full (that was the 2nd picking!) in the kitchen waiting to be cleaned. The dog loved cherries and would come by and snag a few, eat the fruit, then spit the pits out of her mouth wherever she happened to be in the house....living room, stairs, etc. and mom would find them generally by stepping on them...


Needless to say, we dealt with those cherries right away! :lol:


Such a good memory. I hope you and your monkeys create happy memories!

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