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Preparing for...



I like doing things 'right'. One of the things I am trying to do 'right' is get my affairs in order in case something dire happens when I go under on Friday.


Yesterday, I wrote my will out with the help of a Will Writing program.


Put together a Living Trust: Put together a Power of Attorney.


Today I go to get them notorized.


My house is clean, well ordered and ready for anyone to walk in and find the documents that they need to 'take care of business'. I have put a binder with marriage license, birthcertificates and all the documents that I have.


Most likely, I won't need any of it. It is there if I need it though.


Pantry is, for the most part, moved into my bedroom. I have an inventory of everything I have down to the last bandaid. My medications are ready to go, I pack an overnight bag 'just in case' I have to stay overnight or more. Medications for three days are going into the bed.


Accomplished is how I feel having this all done now.


I have someone to watch the children when I go in. Mom is going with me to wait while I have surgery, and she will accompany me home. A friend is staying the night because I have to have 'a responsible adult' with me the first 24 hours after surgery. Other friends are coming in three hours shifts on Saturday.


My church is really pulling through for me on this. They are helping me with meals, providing child care and generally 'being there' for me.


Preparedness takes the fear out of things.




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Awww...Sweetie. I sure wish I could be there while you have your surgery and help. I'm glad though that your church sisters are pitching in. I hope to meet them all one day and thank them for taking care of my best bud!!

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You are very blessed to have such a wonderful fellowship (church) Angela. I pray the surgery is easy and successful and that your recovery is quick! :pray:

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