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Good Evening Mrs S,....



Well this place is amazing! I love it. Gidgits and Gadgets and places to put informations. I love it! Did I say that already? Well I do. I love it. There, I said it again.


Today has been a run around day. Started way too early. Got free breakfast at Denny's. Good stuff Free. I have been trying to prove to my Dad that there is such a thing as a free lunch since I was in my 20's. He has always said "There is no such thing as a free lunch". Yeah well Pffft. I have had a lot of free breakfasts, lunches and dinners thanks to coupons, the US government and my church. :unsure::o LOL


So during the day I went for free lunch a Denny's. The wait was an hour. Hey -- that isn't FREE! You have to WAIT -- that means I would have to PAY an HOUR of my life for the lunch. Forget it. Went to Olive Garden with a coupon. Had their all you can eat lunch. Two for one. Good deal! I might have had to pay -- but not with my LIFE!


Onwards. Shouldn't have eaten at Olive Garden. Although with just one person having to pay, it was just a llittle bit more than free would have been a Denny's! (Drinks, Tax and Tip).


Got home, jumped online to see if Mrs S was back up. Not.


Gave my son marching orders about the manure pile in the front. Needed to be spread and moved more. He gave me guff, I gave him guff back. We guff each other very much!


Went to my church. I am teaching the older girls at Girls Activity Day how to babysit. Got done there and headed over to the Relief Society President to pay her back some cheese cloth. I borrowed it when I canned 12 quarts and then some of cranberry juice. Needed it to strain out the berries. Gave her some of the extra Mustard I had too -- I have given away 12 of the 24 mustards I got for free.


Yesterday when I went grocery shopping, I saved `175 dollars. bought a lifetime supply of tea. At least my daughter Katy seems to think so. She said as we were walking out of the aisle, "Mom, you better put this Tea in your will" Smart aleck.

It is only about 40 boxes. If I have 20 cups a week, that is only a 40 weeks supply! Not even a year! LOL Like I drink that much tea! LOL Not hardly.


Anyway, off I go, to explore great things, to learn new ideas and to post on MrsS! Thank you Darlene for keeping this great place open to us! I enjoy it a lot!


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