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Well a lot can happen in a short period of time to change a life completely.


Sometime tomorrow I will be getting a call to tell me when I can sign on the dotted line for a new home. My new home.


The house is a 3255 sf, 6 bedroom, 3.5 bath in Tartesso Buckeye Az. As the crow flies I am just minutes from a Nuclear power plant. figure if it goes,. I will go fast.


the back yard is big, with some raised beds already in, they just need to be supported by some bricks (Summer project), I am thining of turning the entire back yard into a beautiful edible landscaping garden with the help of my NOW next door neighbor.


We move in on the 31st. of the month.


so what happened to enable me to buy a home? A death. My husband (we were seperated) died unexpectly of a heart attack, and now the kids and I are recieving SS benefits.

We need to live frugally so we can do the right things and pay down on the house. That is going to include a bunny, or two, inside, for fertilizer.


We have a dog now, and on the first my son is getting his beagle,. a lemon beagle that is cute as can be. My daughter is getting a rabbit (she thinks she wants a hamster, but I am going to change her mind for her and get a rabbit or two lol) I might get a breeding pair, and sell the babies for the meat. I actually like rabbit meat, but don't know if I could do the killing and skinning.


I want a chicken, but the rules for the development say no. sniffle.



When the kids are out of the house I am going to run a boarding home for women who want to live in a house but can't afford one. They will have run of the house, and be able to live in a room upstairs, with a sitting room upstairs *(loft), dining room and pool table, and a television room and kitchen.


I am thinking about getting a spa tub and a swim pool, not a lap pool, but one that you swim in place and it blows the water at you. \


Anyway,. lots of plans. little money we shall see.






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