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Day One



Today, things are normal.


The animals got their usual processed, purchased feed this morning. The dog will be getting "Mommy Mush" (see separate entry under recipes) for dinner.


For breakfast, the kids had cold cereal with milk. I had the last five potstickers from the freezer - and a Coke...the very last Coke in the house.


This morning we spent some time working on a service project with others. We were rewarded with a free lunch and excellent fellowship.


When we came home, I made sweetened iced tea (see separate entry under recipes), and a Greek Chicken Pasta Salad (see separate entry under recipes).


I also went to the store for one gallon of milk (organic) $5.


Dinner: Dd2 and I had some of the Greek Chicken Pasta Salad. Dh & Dd2 made simple nachos (chips & cheese). I guess they don't know how expensive cheese is.


Snack: After dinner, Dh & I both had popcorn (hot air popped, with zero-calorie "I can't believe it's not butter" spray).


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