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Cookin' on Day 3



Let's see...


For breakfast, the kids had the last of the cold cereal. I had more of the Chicken Pasta Salad.


For fun the kids went to a friend's house; they got lunch there.


For fun I got solitude while the kids were gone, and I nibbled while I cooked.


I made a tuna pasta salad and prepped a mexi-salad (with orzo, beans, etc). I'll follow up with recipes for both tomorrow.


Dinner was soft tacos with store tortillas & shredded cheddar, home-canned ground beef, a can of olives, a can of refried beans and the last of the store-bought lettuce.


I also precooked spaghetti noodles (for another day).


Lots of iced tea. Had a headache most of the evening. Might be related to lack of caffeine. *shrug* Either way, I wasn't terribly sleepy today.



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