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Money and Marriage



You know ... I love my husband. He really is a good guy. But he sure pisses me off sometimes!


Here we are in this financial pinch. We talked. We agreed that we needed to be prudent and really avoid spending money. I've been doing the things I've described here. Yet, a few days ago, he stopped by the store and bought tortilla chips, breakfast sausage and a comic book for the kiddo. How are those necessities? I'm beating myself up over a jar of PNB (which I did NOT return), and he's buying comic books?! I've given up some of my kids' organic foods for the sake of money, and he's buying breakfast sausage?! After I was done being mad at him, I told him I loved him, but that I felt those purchases were out of line with our new situation and agreement. He shrugged and said (regarding the sausage) "It's a weekend thing." When I pressed him, he said that there were plenty of times when I've spent money on myself, but he couldn't give me an example. I gotta tell you: I'm pretty thrifty and rarely splurge on my kids, much less myself.


Regardless of who spent what, there are a couple of lessons to be learned here. The first is that no one is perfect. Marriage is a partnership between two fallible humans; there will be problems. Lesson number two: Be glad for what you have. He only spent $10-$12, rather than $200 for a box of practice ammo (defense ammo is acceptable, practice ammo is just for having fun at the range). Lesson number three: When your partner splurges, DO NOT RETALIATE BY SPLURGING YOURSELF!!!


Now, go to your local library, check out and read Suze Orman's "Women and Money."


- - - - - - - - - - - -


We brought more bathroom tissue out of long-term storage and made more grocery purchases, as follows:


Fruit market: quart yogurt, brocolli, 2 ears corn, head lettuce, green onion, asparagus $10.81


Grocery store: 2 gallons milk, organic grapes (I WON'T buy grapes from Chile; these are probably the only grapes we'll have this year), bananas, 2 cans refried beans, 2 packages (on sale) lunch meat, fresh pico de gallo 2lb cheddar cheese. $33.60.


Analysis: The quart of pico de gallo was DELICIOUS!! However, for $3.99, I think I'd be better off finding a recipe to make it myself; it's just tomato, onion, peppers and cilantro. I also need to make our own refried beans. I bought the cans because I wanted them RIGHT NOW - to go with the pico de gallo. It would be much more economical to make them ahead and freeze in small quantities. I've really been craving these fresh summer-time foods, and they are so healthy that I have a hard time denying myself. We are still eating our home-dried and home-canned fruits, plus getting more fresh berries from our land.


Confession: Do you recall my pining for caffeine? I've been weak: I bought a case of Coke - ah, ice-cold-Coke-in-a-can! It's SOOOOOO good. Add another $10 to my purchases.


Summary: it is now mid-month and I've spent $101.40 on grocery items. That is substantially less than my usual. While I think it could be better, I am pleased with the progress I've made so far.

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When my dh (or kids) pull something like that on my, I feel like running through the house yelling "SABOTAGE!". (Sometimes I do).


I don't know why you can sit down, discuss a problem, work out a plan together and yet... I guess we just don't think alike? :rolleyes:


You're doing great! less than $100 so far, very nice! :thumbs:

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