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Success in the Kitchen



Double success today!


I made refried beans!


And homemade flour tortillas!


I took my refried beans recipe from Rodales Natural Foods Cookbook - out of respect for their copyright, I won't post the recipe. Next time I'll cook the beans "to death" - even after running them through the Cuisinart, they still have more texture than store-bought. I do, however, like the seasonings and flavor.


My tortilla recipe came from the Make-A-Mix Cookbook...I was maybe going to use the one from Cookin' With Home Storage, but sometime in the last couple of days I've misplaced it. The Make-A-Mix recipe is super easy. I also reviewed a number of web-based instructional videos regarding tortilla-making. My conclusion is that the key to making good flour tortillas is rolling them thin enough. Some of mine were too thick to compare to store-bought, but were good in their own right.


Ah, the taste of sweet success....


Oh, yeah, and I had to buy the flour for the tortillas, so another $4, plus I grabbed another case of coke for $8. By the way, any reason NOT to compost old rancid whole wheat flour?



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