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So, do Wether's make good milk goats?



I almost giggled out loud, assuming the man was making a funny. But, then I caught the sincere look on his face and caught myself. We were at Aslan's Puppy Training and he was a visitor from another class.


The trainer asked how Aslan was doing with the goats and the man said, "Oh, we really want some goats. What kind do you have?"


Eager to help I said, "Oh we are just getting started, we have two Nubians and two Wethers."


That's when he asked, "So, do Wethers make good milk goats?"


Repressing my almost escaped giggle, I answered. "A Wether is a boy goat that has been neutered." I was proud I had been able to answer evenly so as not to discourage his newbie questions.


"So," he continued, completely ignoring the fact that we were in the middle of dog training, "only the girl goats produce milk?" The smile came forth, I just couldn't help it. But I still managed to carry on.


"Yes, a doe is girl goat and a doe produces the milk." I paused for a moment to let him ponder this and then added. "Are you planning to have milk goats?"


"Oh no," he says, "we just want a goat to help clear out some brush."


"Well, sounds like a Wether is just what you need."


"So you suggest that breed." He continued to querry.


"Wether isn't a breed of goat, it is a condition of a goat. A wether is a neutered male, good for companion goats, weedeating or barbeque." I added for good measure.


"Did I hear you mention chickens?"


"Yes," I answered cautiously as the trainer stands listening intently. I tried to avert my gaze in her direction so she could finsih the class. But, now she's interested.


"What kind of chickens do you have?" I tell them.


"Do you have any roosters that crow?" I admit I do.


Then he says, in all seriousness, "But roosters don't lay eggs, right?"


I assure them that is the case.




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