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SEW Excited!



Y'all, I am SEW excited! :D


Last summer we changed churches and started attending a local fellowship. It was a good decision and has made it much easier for the kids to be involved with activities and etc... My dh is very involved with the boys groups, the FCF (Fronteirsmen Camping Fellowship) as well. But me, well, I don't know, since we moved here over three years ago, I've been a bit of a hermitress.


Well, this latest story that I've been writing in Fireside has made me do some soul searching and thinking how much I'm missing by not making an effort to connect with the women (they are lovely people) at the church and be more of a part of our community. Anyway, so this morning I was giving myself a good talking to, as I got ready to go and told myself what I needed was a change of attitude, to change the way I was thinking.


In the meantime, dh and the two oldest boys have become very active with FCF and this means that they need Period Correct Outfits. My mom is coming in one month to stay for a week and help me, which is such a blessing. She is a wonderful seamstress and I am a 'sewing wannabe'.


So, this morning I go to church and about half a dozen ladies sought me out after services, hugging my neck, telling me my dress was pretty, asking how I was, etc... It felt very nice, I have to tell you. As the chatting went on I mentioned to them that I was trying to get my supplies for the FCF clothing and guess what they said???!!


They said, "Stephanie, why don't you join our Tuesday night sewing club?"


I said, "Well, I don't know how to sew really, I bought a machine, but I don't really know what to do with it."


And they said, "Bring it, bring your manual and we'll teach you!"


I said, "Do you know how to do these FCF clothes? Could I bring my material and let you look at it?"


They said, "Sure! We just made the Pastor's outfit for him and we'll be glad to help you figure it out."


I am telling you, I am SEW excited!! I will be learning a skill, getting out of the house, making progress on this FCF project and making some real life, in my community, friends! This is a major deal for me! :)


They meet every Tuesday evening plus the last Sat of the month for an all day sewing/craft day. They do crochet, tatting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc... Doesn't it sound wonderful?? What a blessing! God is so good to me!


Just had to share!


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((((((Stephanie))))))))) It is so good to hear you so very joyful about this new adventure.

It is sure to be a double blessing for both you and for them because they are truly going to love YOU for who and WHOSE you are! You Shine,Girl!


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Sewing can be fun. I do quilts sometimes. I learned as a kid, but have never done a lot with it, except for quilts. Right now, our church is having a monthly Women's craft night at church. I have managed to attend once, per scheduling conflicts, but it was fun and I got a chance to work on my next quilt project==a T-shirt quilt for DH & I.

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Excellent! These are ties and relationships that can last a lifetime!


Be sure to invite your mama to come with you (if she's in town). I was attending a quilting group for a while, but the lady had no idea how to run it or how to get everyone's skills up to an acceptable level. We had really advanced to people who didn't know how to hold a needle. It was very challenging but also very fun.


Just be sure to watch the materials lists. Sometimes there are 'homemade tools' that do the job just as well as the $35 ones. :)

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Here's what I like MOST about the group...it was such a GENTLE spirit. There was laughter and encouragment and listening ears that were interested in what you had to say. What a blessing this group will be to me, even if I never sew a stitch...which I plan to do!
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