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How is Everyone??



I noticed that our blogging efforts have really slowed down. Y'all must be as busy as I am. So much going on. :huh:


Mom and Pop will be here next Friday so we are working like Trojans getting ready for their visit, it's been a great motivator! :D


Dh and the boys are out in the garage cleaning and loading a trailer to go to the Thrift Store for donation. This is a very good thing!! B)


Not only are they coming and I'm dusting things that haven't been dusted in far too long, I'm trying to prepare for our new school year as well. :unsure:


We start our new year officially the day after Labor Day, just like we use to do it 'back in the day', I like setting my own schedule. :amen:


All seven are officially being educated this year....although I have not 'registered' the youngest two. In the state of Alabama that isn't required until age seven. And once in the system, then you're in the system. ;)


I've decided to simplify my preps, focusing on the VERY BASICS. I'll probably start a thread about my efforts later, when I have time to breathe! :24:


We're doing really good in the 'eating what you store' plan, and I'm loving those new storage bins that I wrote about in an earlier blog entry. :wave:


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