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The Worth of a Week



One week ago today my mom and step-dad arrived and now they have gone. It was a lovely visit and so very productive in every way!


My step-dad brought all of his handy man tools and my dh took the whole week off to tackle numerous building, maintenance, repair projects in our home and on our little homestead. My two oldest ds's worked right along side them assisting and learning so much. A new kitchen counter top, a new bantam coop, new nesting boxes in the big coop, an addition to the goat stable and a new back porch are among their accomplishments, but there were more! :o


My mom brought her wonder sewing machines, a Bernina and Serger as well. We had many sewing projects but the main thing was the period correct outfits that my dh and two oldest ds's needed. I was right at her side assisting and learning. I may even be brave enough to try something on my own now. My fellows will be among the best dressed pre civil war participants! :)


While my mom was here I finally opened up and set up my Berkey Light! My mom is a big fan of good healthy water and so we promptly sat down and ordered her one for herself. ;) BTW, we really like the Berkey Light and I'll try to do a review on the forums.


We intended to try my Wonder Deluxe grain mill while they were here but our time slipped away. :(


And to top off our wonderful visit, as they drove off this morning, we went to check on the broody hen and had the pleasure of seeing two brand new little chicks tucked under the momma hen's wings. :wub:


It is a wonderful thing to have a supportive family, what a blessing! :pray:







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