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Significant September



For months, literally, I have been wondering what September would bring. Why September?


Well, it started about seven months ago when I was on the treadmill and reading my Bible passage for the day. I was reading about Joseph when he interpreted Pharaoh's dreams.When Josephs explained to Pharaoh that this was a time of 'plenty and prosperity' and that during those 7 years that should prepare for the 7 years to come, I just knew that I was to do the same. Not necessarily for the seven years (more like months), but for the spring and summer. I felt VERY impressed that we needed to be very diligent and productive during the Spring and Summer so we would be prepared for the Fall/Autumn and a Significant Event. Yesterday was the first day of Fall/Autumn and I took a moment to look back over our Spring and Summer, to take a good look at what we had managed to accomplish. It is a lot, a whole lot, but is it enough?


I don't know what the rest of September and the subsequent Fall/Autumn season will hold for us, but it has already been significant with the torrential raining and floods here in the Southeast. So, was this the Significant Event that I was preparing for? Perhaps. Perhaps Not. I do know that they just announced that more rain and more potential flooding are on the way. I do know that this all happened in the same time frame as Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah) which is significant to me. This Biblically mandated holiday is also known as the Feast of the Shofar, which signifies a warning, an alarm.


Perhaps this flooding is just the sounding of the Shofar, the warning of things to come? I do know that I felt like my family would be significantly impacted and that has not happened yet. I also know that I've made a genuine effort to prepare and set aside and gather in and clear out and increase skills and grow in knowledge. I also know that when I'm not enough, the Lord is.


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