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Mom! Look What We Found!



You hear that an awful lot when you live out in the country with a pond and creek and a few acres! :D


Like today, my middle son brought me the cutest little turtle. Yesterday my oldest son brought me a humongous wood beetle. :huh: There have been collections of army ants, crickets, grasshoppers and frogs (even tadpoles). But Monday they really lucked up and found ....






Well, we don't have a cat or a kitten and they just thought this was a DANDY addition to the menagerie. This kitten was meticulously groomed, smelled like perfume, clean and brushed. Was sure that this was someones lost pet and told the kids so. But, that was over four days ago, we've called the Animal Shelter and the local vet, left numbers and watched for posted flyers. No luck.


I haven't posted a sign anywhere because I'm not comfortable putting my # out in public (crazy folks are out there...ya' know?).


I did my best to determine boy or girl. I'm 95% sure it's a boy and now the name debate has started. :D


First, we thought of Puff, since we've been reading a lot of Dick and Jane lately. Then, I talked to my grandmother yesterday ( a real treat for me ) and she said, "If its a Tom Cat, you're suppose to call him Tom!" :rolleyes: So, one son is all for Tom as he likes Tom and Jerry cartoons. The girls are still liking Puff.


I then thought about Sylvester, but my youngest boys said they could NEVER remember a hard name like that! :lol:


Plus....I'm soooo sure that this is a boy...but what if I'm wrong, I'm not exactly a cat expert. So I was trying to think of something more gender neutral. If I thought is was a girl, I would have named it Lydia...just looks like a Lydia to me. B)


Finally the two big boys said, how about SAM, you like Sam from the Lord of the Rings, and if it happens to be a girl...that's just short for Samantha.


I think they have a point! But...I'm still thinking. (Of course an owner could show up at any point. :huh: )

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Well, Cat Boy is what I call all 'generic' neighborhood cats until I know if they are 'bonafide' homeless or just 'passing through'.


With her or him being so 'perfect' Miracle is a neutral name. So is "Blessing" for you *know* in your house this cat will be nothing but joy and doted on by your children.


Joy is also neutral - a friend of mine from Samoa has a first name of Joy and he is male.


Have fun! The rescued kitties make some of the best companions. :)

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