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Trying Again



Ok, so my computer ate yesterday's post. I am keeping this short and posting it fast just to be safe.


I did go pick up my order yesterday at Sam's Club and it was a walk in the park. I breezed in, paid, breezed out, and loaded my vehicle. I am so in love with this feature. Wow. It just saved me several hours of my life.


Watching the jobs reports come in this morning. Eek. Pretty scary. Seems like the acceleration is really picking up.


Today is a good day at Chickadee Lane Lodge. Dh is finally back to work after three months. I can feel the stress melting off my shoulders. It has been a bit of a strain, but not nearly what it would have been had I not been a prepper.


His job is just too volatile for me to *ever* sit back and relax, so prepping is my insurance policy. And a good one it is too.


The nice thing now though is the ability to move onward and upwards. When there is no paycheck coming in it is a little limiting. So I am on a mission to regain the ground I lost during these last three months. I am really hoping things don't tank completely before I do, but what will be, will be. I can't control it anyway, but I will do what I can for as long as I can. And really, we are sitting in such a better place than we were several years ago.


Off to post this before I lose it again...


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