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Heat Wave Part II



Oh wow, we had a beautiful day today. It got up to 39 DEGREES!!!!! Everyone was running around in t-shirts. It was as balmy as a tropical day in paradise. After the rough and tough winter we have been enduring, it is a gift. We haven't see these temps since early November (thank you, God).


Being so nice out, I was looking at the balcony we have outside that overlooks the lake. Drip, drip, drip. Hmm...this got me thinking.


We have been unable to access the balcony for a few months now since we couldn't even open the door anymore due to the massive amounts of snow we have had this season. The door has been blocked with ice. I had a pretty good idea though that I could maybe get out there and gave it a try. Sure enough, it worked so I grabbed my shovel and went at it. I had tried it last week but dh thought I was going to break our glass door trying to open it so I gave up.


But imagine my surprise when as I was shoveling away, I uncovered:


*my missing crockpot that I have been looking for since the week after Thanksgiving


*a batch of ground cherry freezer jam


*a bag of meatballs that dh tried and didn't like and stashed out there




*a cookie sheet with FIVE BIG LOAVES of Lemon Poppyseed Bread in ziploc bags on it that I had made for Christmas gifts and forgot all about



Good grief.





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Ah, that would happen to me, too. I'd put something out there to cool and ADD would set in and the next thing you know, uncover it after a couple months of snow! LOL I'm with ya, sister.

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My goodness, it sounds like DH's car...I found the xmas list, old oil, car parts from last summer...nothing nearly as yummy as muffins, though! :) Thanks for the smile.

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hahahaha! That was some whirlwind holidays you had! Crockpot AWOL since Thanksgiving...Christmas treats MIA....


ROFL @ the meatballs...some of those commercially prepared ones DO taste a little like 'strange meat' to me, too!

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