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It's simply WRONG. (imo at least)




It is simply wrong how people are treated in the world today - I know that's not a news flash, and it's something that society as a whole just accepts as the way things are, but by golly, it makes my blood pressure rise! People deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion - what is so complicated about treating others as we'd like to be treated? Why do some look down on others and feel they are judge and jury, or even more so, little gods in power positions where they and only they can mandate who gets what.


Several things have played in to this little venting moment this evening ... one was being in line at the gas station and having a snooty lady make a snide remark about a guy who had 'dirty hands' - well how dare the man work for a living and then have the nerve to step in to her realm of existence :mad: It was heightened when hearing about how Arby is being treated at the ER -- it's 2012 for goodness sake, how is it that we can have men go to the moon, the rover on Mars, but people in pain cannot get the treatment they need and deserve. How difficult would it be for the medical 'professionals' to have compassion, and actually listen and care about what they're being told, about what the patient feels, and to address those issues? I would think it's well within their ability. Do they reach a point where they think they know all? Do they become so calloused and cut off from human compassion that they lose that ability? How can people be so uncaring, and in some cases outright cruel, and be able to be okay with themselves?


There are times when I have had enough and just cry over how badly others are being treated. I sincerely don't get people being so mean, so uncaring.


The world has such beauty in it -- but also such ugliness. The ugliness seems to be over-taking the beauty and goodness, and that both frightens and saddens me.


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