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Mean people. Yuck. Name calling, putting other down, bragging -- I don't see the appeal. Can't stand it, can't stand being around it.


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me neither. add gossiping. never participated in that kind of counter-productive stuff. i refuse to, there is wa-a-a-a-y to much in the world already. perhaps it is the lack of social interaction during formative years as folks connect electronically, rather than face to face, but then again, many of the participants grew up before electronic media. Perhaps they just never 'grew up'.

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There's never an excuse for meanness, rudeness or any kind of beligerant behavior. It's usually because they've gotten away with it from so many people. Know some people in our area who own a large business, but they're AWEFUL! And everybody says about the same thing about them..."if it weren't for their money, they wouldn't have a friend in the world". People like this I just stand toe to toe and smile while turning my back and walking away.

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