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A Wee Bit Weary...



This morning I feel a wee bit weary, it's been 'coming on' for several days. That feeling of drudgery for things that normally make me smile. It blossomed into full fruition this morning when I needed to make biscuits. I just didn't want to do it.


I thought wistfully of the days when every weekend I opened a bag of those lovely little frozen biscuits and set them effortlessly on the cookie sheet. Then, I regretted the fact that I had thawed out a turkey to bake today. My idea of canning some of it doesn't even appeal to me in the least at the moment.


Do you ever feel tempted to 'fall off the wagon' ? I do. Sometimes I just get tired.


I know this is the best way to live, I know that we are saving money, avoiding preservatives, making wise decisions. But, last night, as I rolled out 3 dozen flour tortillas, I found myself thinking I'd have gladly paid 5 or 6 dollars for a few packs from the store.


I'm sharing this for those of you who may get discouraged and think no one else ever somtimes remembers more 'convenient' times. So today, my sweet dh put the turkey in the oven after he scrambled some eggs for breakfast. I blew my nose and washed my face and will get the cornbread started.


As preppers, we have not chosen the easiest or most convenient path. And now and then, we may wander off picking daisies. Perhaps once in a while we just need to give ourselves a break. But, in the end, we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and continue toward the destination we have set our sights on.


Happy journey friends! :wub:



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I've felt like this too, usually it's after I cooked to much or just got to overwhelmed. It just takes me a few runs to the grocery store to give me a quick reminder how much things cost and how much money were saving to get motivated again.


Tomorrow is a new start!

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Oh my gosh, yes, I can definitely relate! Some days I even resent having to rotate a can of beans...I'll notice that my husband might buy a can of soup or beans and I know I have to run down and switch them out for an older can. My big splurge will often be day old bread at the bakery instead of making a loaf. Other times I want to buy something impulsively but I will ask myself the need want question and put it down...not to say that I don't splurge because we do...but compared to my friends and family we are more frugal and conscious of needing to build our preps.

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