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A little at a time



We started looking at places this weekend. I realized that we've been really spoiled when it comes to storage space and room space. I am gonna have to downsize bigtime and become a lot more efficient in how I store things.


I have about 150 empty canning jars of various sizes. The plan now is to start filling and vaccuum sealing them with grains, dry goods, etc..double storage. I emptied the drawer with pencils, pens, crayons, etc. They are emptied out of their boxes in ziploc bags in a fliptop storage bin. Also in this bin will be board games...also out of their boxes and in gallon size ziplocs (with a picture of the game cut off and in the bag). Card games will also be fit in. This will be the entertainment bin.


Purchased some extra pasta and rice and made an order with Honeyville Grains. I'm keeping prep purchases small so we'll have less to move...but I couldn't skip this because Honeyville Grains had a 10% off the total order through tomorrow. :)





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Once you do find a new place, you'll sort out where to store what! Good for you for keeping up with preps. Moving is stressful--even if you plan it. Hang in there, woman. It will work out somehow!

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