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Popcorn *PoP*PoP*PoP*

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Did you know that Popcorn is a Whole Grain and has lot of nutritional and healthy benefits?


I've always been a fan of Popcorn in its many varied forms. Whether it was dripping in butter at the Theater or in a box of Cracker Jacks at the ball game...formed into a PopCorn Ball at Halloween or caramelized with brown sugar... yum yum yum!


I have loved it when I wasn't counting calories and I have loved it when I was. On its own, it's nothing but good... our adding toppings are sometimes tasty tantalizing culpits of extra sugar and fat and well, you know.


I can remember when microwave popcorn was all the rage!! What an amazing thing it was !! I can't imagine how many bags I must have bought and eaten since that time, countless.


Now, as the mom of seven snackers, I am even more fond of this tasty, frugal, healthful food. When you consider nutrition and costs, Popcorn wins hands down over Chips and such.


Finally, I decided I was going to give up the Microwavable Bags, big decision, but we were spending too much on that convenience. So, I started buying 1 lb bags and standing at the stove, shake, shake, shake... for the shortest of times it was a novelty, my kids were amazed. Funny, but they had never seen popcorn popped the old fashion way.


Last month I put on my prepping hat and bought a 50 lb bag of popcorn at Sam's , talk about a huge savings, it was huge. And talk about a lot of popcorn, it was a lot. But, after a while, I grew weary of standing there at the stove, shake, shake, shake and if you left your post...well, we all know what burnt popcorn smells like.


So, I went on a quest! And I have found the answer to our Popcorn Dilemna. Have you heard of a whirly pop? Here's what it looks like, they sell them all over the internet and we actually found one at our local Target store.







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I have used it several times and we love it. You put 2TBS of oil in the bottom of the pan and 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels and in 3 minutes flat, you've got perfect popcorn without any kernels left unpopped (practically).


The handles are wooden and you just stand there 3 minutes cranking the crank/handle. This keeps the kernels rotated and prevents burning. You cook it on med heat (this is important) and when the handle becomes difficult to turn, you know you're full of popcorn.

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