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  1. Hi All, I have finally gotten my cow well and am getting 2-3 gallons of milk per day from her. I have made mozzarella cheese, ricotta, soft cheese and butter so far. I wonder if anyone knows where I can obtain rennet and citric acid in large quantities for a good price. I am really going through my stock quickly. I want to stock up on cheese making supplies. Also has anyone ever made rennet from animal stomach? I have a butcher across the road from me and could possibly have a supply of calf stomach close by. May sound gross to some of you, sorry. Been out in the country for awhile now. Thank you for any help.
  2. I had medicines stored in the bathroom closet in our trailer house. The shelves are deep and hard to access and I was weary with the problem. I moved all meds and bandages etc. to a dresser I already had in the bathroom. The drawers work perfectly for storage and have enough space now for all medical supplies to be in one place.
  3. Laura, I don't know the answer to your question, but I sure wish I did. I have been trying to find out info on growing food for our animals as well. Please share what you have found on stock beets. Specifically, where do you buy the seeds, and how do you know how much you will need. Regards, Peg
  4. pegsol

    Beet question

    Juice them mixed with carrots and spinach etc. Very cleansing to the body. Also heard they make great wine. I think they used to feed farm animals beets.
  5. We are now living on my preps. Grocery store is 15 miles away. It's funny, it just sort of snuck up on me. It started with my husband picking up something at the grocery store on his way home from work. Then he did all the "shopping" on the way home. Mostly the fresh stuff you run out of. I have not been to the grocery store in about a month. Used to be the queen of shopping the sales in the city. I knew the best price on everything we needed down to the penny, which store had what, etc. Also had lots of stores to choose from. Had a weekly routine of stocking up. Now we live in a different state. No more city. Two grocery stores to choose from. I worked really hard to learn how to prep and I did everything I could to prepare us up to this point. I felt really safe and blessed when I read about the rice scarcity because I had stocked empty plastic pop and juice bottles filled with rice i had previously frozen. Slow and steady week in week out. We have rice for a good long time. We eat a lot of tuna fish now. I bought stacks and stacks of it when it was on sale 33cents a can No regrets. We have made the further step of moving out to our homestead. It is funny, now I watch the garden and wait with great expectancy for some new vegetable to mature. So far we have mustard greens, onions,radishes, turnip greens. Tomatoes are starting to flower. Next veggie will be zuchini and yellow squash. I quit buying those due to outrageous prices and cannot wait to get some out of the garden. All my energy is going into gardening and animal care right now. We are really hurting financially. My husband lost job after job in the mortgage business. Have not found a way to get our income back up and the bills keep coming. The gas prices are brutal. We are not hungry by any means. Thanks to all I have learned over the last four years about prepping from people here and others. Thank you for teaching me how to feed my family in a world going crazy. I have hope because I know what it takes to survive.
  6. Darlene, congrats on your hard work. I have been working my bootie off in my 100ft by 80ft garden. I have 1000 sweet corn plants, 100 cucumber plants, a ton of squash and zucchini, swiss chard, onions,carrots,turnips,mustard greens, approx 175 potato plants(I was organic until a HEAVY infestation of Colorado potato beetles hit me),tomatoes(planted pretty late), 7 hills of watermelon, acorn squash. I still have to plant canteloupe, butternut squash,pumpkins, okra,flowers. I want to try pole beans growing up my corn stalks when my corn gets higher. I have always had great success with growing basil. What are you canning with basil in it? I thought spice/herbs were not to be added to canning recipes.
  7. Violet, I buy blankets at garage sales and thrift stores to use as batting/filler in my quilts. I have been making a lot of quilts over the last couple of years. I am starting to get the quiting bug again as fall is approaching.
  8. HSmom I am going to make your pulled pork also, thank you, I saw pork roast on sale last shopping trip. I'll get some next time. It will make a nice dinner/canning project combo. I find I get worn out from my canning projects sometimes. It easier to just have the same thing for dinner that you are canning. Thanks for the idea, Peg
  9. Just found a new yahoo group it is: foodsaver@yahoogroups.com Terrific new frontiers in food saving, check it out.
  10. Dee, I have canned a bit of hambuger and my strange indian tomato/onion paste. I am not savvy enough with the camera to post pictures yet.LOL. Where do you buy those BIG canning jars that look like they may be grape juice?
  11. There is a lady named Wendy Dewitt who wrote a cookbook on food storage recipes for the solar oven. You can just type in "Everything under the sun", by Wendy Dewitt to find it. She based her system on the worst case scenario: if there were no stores, gardens, city water or electricity...she can still feed her family!! She also has a great formula to help us figure out how much to store, down to the teaspoon! She uses gelatin in place of eggs in her baking, she says it works. Westbrooks post about egg substitutes for making pancakes reminded me about the gelatin. It sure would save a lot of fuel to use the sun for cooking. Also it doesn't give off smoke or anything to draw people or animals to you. I really would like to have a solar oven. Peg
  12. Momma, I just started using plastic soda and juice bottles to store sugar, beans,grains etc.Some people on another forum said it's supposed to be hard for mice/rats to get a chew on the plastic. Some guy said he has been doing it that way for a lot of years. He never had a problem with spoilage or rodents. The bottles line up and stack really nice on thier sides. Also they are an easy weight to carry. I buy wheat in 50# bags and store them in plastic buckets from the bakery. Powdered milk is re-packaged into vaccum seal bags, dated, and kept in a large plastic tub. I do some canning. Best regards, Peg
  13. Hsmom, I love veggies! Those potato wedges can be done on a cookie sheet in the oven. You can change it up a bit if you like by changing the spices. Get a large bowl, cut the potato wedges, toss them in with the oil, swirl em around. Add garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Like it a little spicey? Add chili powder and cayenne pepper. Low fat version: Whip up some egg white and use it instead of the oil. I like frozen peas in a basic white sauce or add them to any cold salad like pasta salad, tuna salad etc. I usually have a bag of frozen spinach around that i'll add to just about anything: soup,rice etc. I read this great!!! book called something like "the 150 most nutricious foods" Some of the healthiest veggies are: Cabbage (so cheap, love it in soup or just boiled with some butter and salt)Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, greens. I like to add chopped greens and lots of garlic to a basic lentil soup recipe.
  14. I love indian food. A lot of my favorite recipes start with a puree of fresh tomatoes and onion. Say, two large tomatoes and a medium onion. Can I can this? Can I water bath can it? Part two of question: the next step is to add garlic and or ginger paste.This could all be done at the same time in the handy dandy food processor with afforementioned tomato/onion puree. Will the garlic and ginger taste yucky canned? Anxiously awaiting response, Peg
  15. I lost my post. My computer is acting stupid. The sky is black over Houston right now, it is POURING rain! About the tubs under the bed idea. I but wheat in 50# bags at the feed store. I put them in the chest freezer to kill bugs and then usually put them up in buckets I get from the bakery. I am thinking I will up my purchases of wheat, still freeze them, but keep them in the paper bags they come in and then store two or three bags in big plastic tubs. If I can fit three to a tub and fit 6 tubs under the bed, that's 900#'s of wheat under each bed. Out of the way of snooping eyes and my husband. I have been fighting an uphill battle with my husband for years about prepping. Right now I really feel torn to pieces about it because of the urgent need I feel to stock before the prices rise any higher and his hatred of my preps. I KNOW that every bit of my preps will be gold in the near future. I must care for my family! The bible says it will take a whole days wages just to buy a little wheat. Baby crying, gotta go
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