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  1. Happy birthday:bdaycake:

  2. My pasta recipe is 2 cups of flour. Can be 50 percent white and 50 percent any other finely ground flour.( I have used all WW flour also.) 1/2 cup liquid- can be eggs, water, pureed veggies or veggie liquid. Make a nice dough. wrap and Let rest for up to 1 hour before rolling out and cutting. I make a double batch for main dish meals. I was just thinking about trying to make them with a powdered egg substtute that I bought 50 pounds of.
  3. All I can say is whoa!! What a guy!
  4. We put in sweat pants, t-shirts and sweat shirts. When I go to the thrift store on $1 day I buy as many pairs of sweat pants as i think will fit either me or DH. i also buy some smaller for layering for cold days. And some larger for pJs. I figure if the heat was out this might come in handy.
  5. we hit the thrift stores. They have $1 a bag sales every once in a while.
  6. We need to question every thing, but be nice about it. Maybe if we had questioned our goverment about some stuff we wouldn't be in this mess. I can my fruit in water all the time. My dh like it that way. I am finding canned fruit cheaper to buy than to buy cases and then can it my self. Does any one know how long carob powder lasts. I think mine is already roasted.
  7. I am starting to be a bit leary of the food shortage posts also. Awhile back some one said some thing about shortages of pan cake syrup. So I bought a couple extra. That was near 6 weeks ago and the stuff is still on the shelves and at the same price. Here in Wa. state however there is a rice shortage, and your right it is very expensive. Could be the rest is in the back room and they are bringing it out a bag at a time. The going price is $28.50 for 50 pounds of texas rice. Limit 2 bags. meat took a big hike this week too. mostly I am seeing rationg by price. You can have it if you want
  8. I use valarian root to treat my fibromyalgia. Helps me sleep at night, allowing my muscles to relax and feel much better the next day.
  9. my dh gets gallon jars for about $! each from a resturant near here.
  10. Most of my wide mouth jars are used for dry goods. For that you need a ring for each jar. I also have a vacumn sealer that I use to seal the jars. Very often I can reuse lids that were used for canning for vacumn sealling. I do keep some new wide mouth lids on hand but only use them when I have to for wet canning. It is easier to raw pack rabbit in a wide mouth quart jar than a reg. mouth one though.
  11. Offer them less if you take them all. If there are no rings just buy 1 or 2 doz lids with rings and them enough just lids, with a few extra just in case to put on each jar. Pints are real good if you can meat. Alot of the jars at thrift stores have oly been used once. May as well be brand new.
  12. I think you might be better off to find one of the many on line seed companies that sell to market gardens. You can make your own selections that way. If you put the seeds in well sealed glass jars you can freeze them. I've bought from Mountin Valley seeds, for 4 years now. They have lots of the more common open pollinated seeds.
  13. Are there web sites where I can find more sample offers? I keep running into the offers that you just keep answerering stuff and really never get an offer filled out. Please help.
  14. With or with out the flavor or caffene, any suggestions appreciated.
  15. What can I grow to help if I run out of coffee?
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