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  1. I grew up in small town/rural areas, and am from a long line of small scale farmers/homesteaders.... We always had gardens, did canning and freezing and usually had some fresh game. We always bought when items were on sale, not just when we needed them. So I was sorta raised this way. Y2K really kicked me into high gear, in about 1998 I got sorta obssessed with it. I think it was during that time that I found this website.... Then Y2K came and went, and my prepping tapered off, but didn't stop. Then I really got back in gear about 2003-2004, because I really felt impressed (from God?) tha
  2. Hey, can i get into Members Only (Edge and PSST)? I have been out-of-touch for quite awhile and have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks !!
  3. I have two, but they are probably 8-10 yrs old. Is there a way to tell if they are still usable? I don't see any dates or anything on mine.. Note to self - new extinguishers on the next shopping list. Also new fire/smoke detectors....
  4. I like the thought of shaking them into a bag.... Thanks ! They are very ripe.. I picked a couple just to see, and they squished in my fingers... I've got to try to get them in the freezer tomorrow... My pears are already ripe, my carrots are ready to can, I hope I have enough tomatoes for another batch of tomato juice....... BUT these are the kind of problems I like !!!
  5. I wasn't sure where to post this - I have a question (or two ) about how to preserve elderberries. I tried a search because I know ya'll have posted a ton of info on this, but I didn't find my answers. (Probably out there somewhere.. I just couldn't find it !! ) I have a few plants of elderberry and they are loaded... and ripe ! I need to know if I can freeze them whole, so I can take small batches out later to make syrup, tinctures, etc for cold & flu. If I freeze them, do I have to take the berries off the stems, or can I just take the whole cluster and bag it and put into the freeze
  6. I mailed out my package out today - supposed to be delivered in 2 days. I had so much fun doing this !
  7. YEA! I am so excited !! I got my package yesterday ! So much neat stuff... beautiful quilt fabric in all my favorite colors, plus one with cardinals, my favorite bird. And some embroidery thread in all my favorite colors. And yummy vanilla candles... A quilting mag that I have not read yet ! And some flat flower pins for use in quilting. You can never have too many of those! I love it all! THANKS to *you-know-who* !! I am still preparing my box to send, will get it out in the next few days.
  8. Thanks Mother ! I always try to think in terms of what would our pioneer ancestors have done 150 years ago. I'm pretty sure they probably didn't bottle feed all the calves... so there had to be a way....
  9. I have a question about having a milk cow - If you let your cow have a calf, and you don't need, can't sell, etc 5-6 gal of milk per day, can you let the calf stay with the cow and only milk say a gal a day from her? Could you milk her once a day like that or would it still be better to milk her twice a day?
  10. No, really, there are these little green gremlins, sometimes they sneak by me and create chaos !!!! [ still fuming over the chicks... I will just raise my own but I sure like getting "new blood" to add to mine....]
  11. Thanks Leah ! I got them all deleted.. Not sure how I managed to do that !
  12. Sorry - I have no idea how that posted 4 times, maybe someone can delete the other three?
  13. The feed stores in this area are not selling chicks this year... and I always get replacements at the feed store, they had such a large assortment. We called every other feed store in the area, and it was all the same... too much gov "red tape" for them to mess with in order to sell them...(probably NAIS and all that #$%#$%#$) We luckily found an individual selling chicks, a friend went today and bought 25 for $2 each (supposed to be pullets). I plan to get down there maybe by next weekend to pick up a few. I also plan to set some eggs in the incubator next weekend. I am so "upset"... at all
  14. "Fluffy feather feet" sounds like cochins
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