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  1. I wish my town would allow chickens. Perhaps it'll change since Chicago is coming around.... I think. I found a chicken consultant here: Home to Roost Hopefully in the future.
  2. I'm recovering from a sprained ankle. It just about killed me yesterday not to do anything around here. Today, I've vacuumed, swept, mopped, started laundry..... going to hit the basement while the kids are at school. I don't want them to see what I'm getting rid of.
  3. It's a beautiful day here. After my little job I need to pick some peppers to can for dh. I have a truckload of books to take to 1/2 price books as well. Hope I can get some $$ for them. I made $30.00 on Monday with 2 boxes of books that were taking up space. I'd like to clean out the storage area.....
  4. Think I need to re-visit my county extensions website. Maybe they'll have something near me. This sounds like fun! I'd love to do pressure canning, but have been afraid to try.
  5. That is just terrible! I cannot even imagine seeing the fire dept there and NOT doing anything!
  6. Hubby has been picking all our tomatoes. The plants themselves are looking pretty sad. He's left in all the hot peppers & my lonely eggplant. Supposed to be a beautiful week. We may get a little more growing time.
  7. I brew at home. I'm the only one in the family that drinks it. It's fairy easy to brew once you have a scoby. I have 2 bowls going in my pantry right now. I haven't been able to notice any of the health benefits that it touts, because I dont' drink it regularly. It is an acquired taste. I prefer mine to be more on the sweeter side than letting it ferment longer and having a more alcohol taste to it.
  8. Oh, unsnap & separate the cups. I had to re-read that. I was imagining someone having to stand REALLY CLOSE to use to use it.
  9. We tried using poncho's when our girls were little. They needed help to put them on. We used the cheapies too. It's like putting a plastic bag over their head. I want to make sure it's done right. We've now changed over to raincoats. They can put them on themselves. One nice thing about the poncho's - they keep the body heat in really, really well. We still keep them in our supplies.
  10. My cukes bit the dust in August. We still have plenty of tomatoes going. 1 plant looks like it's on it's last leg. Green peppers, a big variety of hot peppers are going good. I tried eggplant this year. I got 1 about 1-1/2 months ago. Now the goofy plant is blooming again like it wants to produce. I love autumn, but you're right about putting the garden to bed. I get kind of sad. Thinking of the things I "should have" done.
  11. Overcast here today as well. I have zero energy. The dog kept me up most of the night. He's neurotic and he likes to eat bad things. Last night it was the dish towel that we use to dry his paws. He needed to go out to eat grass quite a few times. I'm not happy with him at all! Today is mine & hubby's 13th wedding anniversary. Not sure what we'll do since our youngest dd has karate this evening. No sitter either. I need to get some things in place this week. I'm going on a retreat this coming weekend. I like to leave things as simple as I can for the hubby.
  12. I've only caught 1 episode. I should put a reminder on for when it plays. Hubby and I were stranded on an island out in Dale Hollow Lake in TN/KY for about 8 hours one time. Horrible storm, our little boat wouldn't make it in the 8' high white caps. The only thing I brought along was makings for s'mores and fire starting equipment. We were able to start a fire under the cover of a tree and ate s'mores. I've learned now to take much more along in case something like this happens again. Hubby was so calm & collected. Me? Pretty nervous. I don't do good on water as it is a
  13. Morning! I slept until 9:30 today. That never happens. My hubby & kids are at a daddy/kid camping trip. I really should be doing some work around here. I had high hopes for this weekend. Gather more things for our garage sale, dehydrate some carrots, do some general cleaning. Rain passed through about a 1/2 hour ago. Good soaking rain. I hope it's not headed in the direction of my campers now. But, if it does they won't let it hinder their fun! Alright, I'm off to be productive.... after I read a few more threads.
  14. How are the peels/skin when you do green peppers? I want to do some this week. I'm wondering how they hydrate back up? For some reason I think the skins will be tough. Our local farmers market has a farmer who offers "fill a bag" for $3.00. They have green peppers, banana peppers, patty pan (this summer at least) and cukes. I'd love to fill a bag of peppers and if they have squash. Put some of that up.
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