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  1. If it freezes too hard tonight, I will be making marmalade. I usually like to wait at least untill January. The oranges are much better then.
  2. Here is a fun project, that has a practicle purpose too. Build a solar cell phone charger. Or it can be adapted to charge other small rechargeable electronics. http://www.2pointhome.com/diys/steps/44638
  3. I would have a difficult time living that close with family. It is sad, and unfortunate, but basic rules of behavior, respect, and politenes are often overlooked with family. Sibling rivalries, long ingrained behaviors and insecurities tend to rule the day. I would very much like to have the "safety in numbers", and the "many hands make the work light", but family isn't necesarily safe and not all family are workers.
  4. Yay! Glad your here Tina! Yay for the Kids and the Baby too!
  5. For all of you who love to study many translations you might like the "Strong's Concordance" for studying in the original language. However, I was terribly confused by it --- UNTIL I found the "Strong's Online Concordance"!! I love this. http://www.eliyah.com/lexicon.html You can plug in any verse, any word and get computer cross referrenced information. It is very fun and addicting.
  6. God Bless you, Deer & Cricket!! I pray that God would provide for both of your families richly so that you always have a little more than you need so that God can bless others through you.
  7. Hi RedStateGreen! Glad you're here!
  8. Oh, I just remembered some more. Excellent books that every christian would find extremely valuable, "The Bondage Breaker" and "Victory Over the Darkness" both by Neil Anderson. They are about spiritual warfare and are extremely effective. These books are completely scriptural and probably have been the most important books I have read and used next to the Bible.
  9. I have had dream problems in the past. Often when I have had them, several people in my family have had them as well. I read a book about spiritual warfare, "Bondage Breaker" by Neil Anderson. I followed steps in it to renounce the dreams and any evil that might have brought them on, in the name of Jesus. The dreams did not return. I prefer not to have them, and I believe that if they were from God they would continue, because I did not renounce his work.
  10. I love all of Bodie Thoene's books - especially the A.D. Series. I love C.S. Lewis Narnia books, Mere Christianity, I read The Great Divorce last night. It was worth my time and interesting look at us. I actually think that every Christian should read Leon Uris' "Exodus". It is secular, but documents many of the miracles in the rebirth of Israel. "God's Smuggler" by brother Andrew is an amazing book. "The Peace Child" and "Lords of the Earth" by Don Richardson. "The Little Woman" was made into a Hollywoodized movie "the in of the 6th Happiness", but the book was better. My dd's favorites are Narnia and the "Dragon Keeper Chronicles" by Donita k Paul. Supprizingly good messages in them, especially the first two in the series. Hmmm... I will think of more.
  11. I just ordred a bunch of gardening books. I am going to start early this year.
  12. I love them! How do you make the paper mache' goop?
  13. Praying... Teaching my kids everything that is important.
  14. Oh Darlene, I am so glad. I prayed for her to come home!!!
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