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  1. the pectin thing makes a lot of sense. I'll do a reduced quantity and freeze it. I figured that pressure canning might work, but the timing is so variable, too risky. When I first read water bath for 10 minutes, I thought- "No Way!" I did pretty well with tomatoes this year. I planted 13 roma tomatoes in zone 6. I'm starting to clear the garden now.
  2. oh man..what is with my double posts these days??
  3. that's so nice of you to look for those recipes! I can use a different recipe. The one I posted was one I stumbled across and had good reviews. Is pressure canning an option, or is that still questionable? I may make a reduced quantity and store it in the freezer. All this energy for a recipe I've never tried! lol! On the plus side, I canned 30 pounds of Chicken breast and 7 pints of Ball's Bruschetta in a jar today!!! Go me! :-)
  4. You concerns and questions are exactly why I questioned the method of processing. Many people wb can it,we both know many people do things that aren't safe. The pressure can instructions I saw were to can for 15 minutes at 10 lbs of pressure. I'll look through my ball book to see if I can find something similar. Thanks again.
  5. Violet, the recipe is posted in many places on the internet as a copy cat recipe for a Harry and David brand relish. The pectin is included in everyone I've seen. I think the finished product is more of a jam than a relish. I don't know the original source though. The argument for pressure canning was that the ratio of low acid veggies to vinegar wasn't safe enough for water bath canning. Thanks for your help!
  6. There are conflicting directions for processing this. Some say water bath is fine, others insist it must be pressured canned. Any thoughts? Thanks!! Pepper-Onion Relish 6 cups tomatoes, skinned, diced and drained 6 large red peppers diced 8 cups sugar 2 TBSP salt 2 small boxes pectin 3 cups white vinegar 1 tsp ground red pepper 2 jalapenos seeded and diced 3 large onions diced Mix all ingredients together, except pectin and bring to a boil. Turn down and simmer for 2 - 2 1/2 hours until thickened Whisk in the
  7. thanks for the information. I love online shopping, but sometimes I like to flip through the pages of a real catalog.
  8. Hi! I usually stick to the food boards, and even then I don't post much. I'm new-ish to canning and the help there has been invaluable!

  9. Hi FINE,saw your recent post and hadn't remembered seeing you on the board before. :wave:

  10. I am so terribly sorry! I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. I've never canned green tomatoes, but I did freeze them last year. I sliced them and flash froze them on sheets of waxed paper. After they were frozen, I layered them in a closed rubbermaid container. When you want to use them, bread and fry them while they are still frozen. Do not let them defrost. We just finished up the end of last year's harvest. The last batch was as good as the first.
  12. raw packed chicken breast has got to be the easiest thing to can...so simple and so rewarding!
  13. I did marshmallows in foodsaver bags- not a good idea because they were crushed by the collapsing bag. They tasted fine but were a big clump. In the jar, the might retain their shape.
  14. Beautiful!!! I think chicken is my favorite thing to can. Such little work involved, but you get "real" food!
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