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  1. I keep telling my husband if he passes before I know that I will become a hoader just out of grief and trying to save as many as I can:( Ill be the one on the news here in AZ:(
  2. Jeepers:(((( Thats insane! My husband works for Az Dept of Corrections and pays 50 per month for medical, dental, vision for the two of us. I use to work there to but was medically retired due to vertigo. My heart goes out to people who pay outrageous premiums!!!! Something has to give. Have you checked into local dental schools who work on the public? Community colleges who have dental hygiene programs also offer free clinics for the public.
  3. Jeeprs, its safe to take the CA as long as you dont over 1200mg per day. I divide it up. I take 600mg in the am and the reminder at night. I also take 81 mg ASA(baby aspiring) per day because a scan of my brain showed ischemic changes Like I had a mini stroke or something. This is more scarier to me than the osterporosis. Im trying not to live in fear over this as this scan was taked about 2 years or so ago.
  4. Im afraid to take the Boniva. I tried Fosmax for several months and that was a weekly one. It gave me bad heartburn. The mg is 150. So if the Boniva takes care of my bones than the potential side effects could cause more problems. All these piils can cause jaw bone disease which is probably just as bad as osterporosis. The side effects on the Boniva states, heart burn, dizziness I already have vertigo. Chest pains, breathing and swallowing difficulties and vision problems. Is this crap safe to take?! Im confused and unsure what to do . My doctor says it safe. They are just pill pushers.
  5. I was told by the pharmicist that too much CA in the form of pills can cause heart problems. This does not include dairy products. Im still confused:( Maybe you havent been diagnosed with opterporosis like I was it Tums is adequate to prevent the condition. Thanks for your reply. Karen
  6. I just had my 2nd bone density test. There is not much difference between the 2. My doctor want me to start taking Boniva. A year ago I tried Fosamax but was troubled by bad heartburn soI stopped taking it. She wanted me to have the iv Reclasp(sp) but after I showed her my brain scan she said I couldnt do it. My scan shows mild ischemic changes:( Not sure what that means but I dont like the sounds of it. Anyway, she wants me to start taking Boniva starting the 1st of SEpt. I have read so many bad side effects that Im almost afraid to consider it. I have 1200 mg of CA 2x a day. Any ther
  7. We are getting rid out tons of mining equipment that we will probably never see again. This includes our diving suits and masks. With the problems of the world mounting we wont have the time or probably the desire to go dredging for gold. It wil free up alot of room in our toyhauler. The back will be used for prepping supplies instead:)
  8. I did medical preps. I had a mommogram, pap smear and a bone density. Now I need to concentrate on what water filter I want. Its between a Berkey or a Seychelle. Seychelle filters out radioactive particles. But its plasctic. I need to make a decision like now. Next check will be going on food food and more food. the Ill be in very good shape, I hope.
  9. Im so happy you are back! Ive been on here since 03 when I was lkaren3 reading your postings.
  10. RIP Big Dog. You job here is over. Go forth and enjoy yur eternity. I hate hearing of people's beloved pets are gone:(
  11. This drought also has me worried. I live in Az, between Safford-Willcox, and the monsoon hasnt hit us yet. Im looking out the window as I type and its sunny and bright:( Where is the rain?! We are going to town shortly to load up. Im focusing on feed for the horse, dog good, grains, fruit and vegetables. When my next check comes in its a water filter, bad me for putting it off, t-shirts for the two of us, undies, boots for my husband and whatever else in on mylist. Btw, what type of water filters do you guys have? Im thinking of a berkley.
  12. nothing on the drudge report. strange that nothing is being said or shown om mainstream media. guess they want to keep us in a state of confusion maybe.
  13. For me this is a prep. Im having the little stray dog we found neutered and his shots tomorrow. I have a dental appt on Mon for my last crown and a small cavity to be filled. Im a stickler on my dental health. Dont need any tetth problems with the shtf. Doing some more shopping for FD foods. Shopping for a grain mill. Any recommendations?
  14. Thank you for posting this. Went and got my rain check this am:) Its a great deal! I needed more honey. Just love you guys!
  15. Turtle, Ive been suffering from vertigo for a long time. Had every test there is and my doctor is still unclear why. I have my own personal beliefs of why. I have some good days and some very bad days. Never know when an attack will hit. I lost my very good job because of this:( I think some of this is caused by life's daily stresses and my worrying about when or if Ill be going back to work. I worry about money and my furture retirement. Sorry for ranting. Maybe I too need a break besides gearing up with prepping and watching the news. Hope you get some answers. Have you had the ENG t
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