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  1. Hi all... hey snowie.. how are you? I decided to pop in for a quick moment. I am on my way to the nursing home to pick up my ex for a visit with the kids. He continues to go downhill and doesn't remember much anymore. He has Alzeimers, at the age of 47 and requires constant supervision. I try to get him over to the house everyother week to visit with the kids. The summer has gone by so quickly, it's hard to believe that it will be a year this month that my brother Pat passed away from liver cancer, at the age of 47. I have been working hard outside all summer, long hours in the hot sun. My son starts his last year of high school on Tuesday, and my daughter is working full time as a manager of a pizza place. I hope you are all keeping well, I think of you often. Enjoy your Saturday.
  2. Hi to all of your... so sorry I haven't been around much this summer.... my computer has been down a lot, when it isn't there just aren't enough hours in the day to sit down and type. We have had one of the hottest summers in a long time... yesterday was high 90's has been that way for most of June and July..... really zaps my energy working 8 hours a day outside. Just wanted to check in and was so glad to see I was allowed on after being away for so long...
  3. Hi Momma F... sorry you had a migraine headache yesterday. hope everything goes better for you today. We have had a week of solid rain.. yucky.... not much fun working out in the rain... oh well, it's over now.. maybe some sun next week... certainly not calling for sun on the weekend. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. Have a great weekend.
  4. Morning Snowie...... to bad about your little nephew's teeth...as my sis would say, "bummer". Just sitting here having my coffee
  5. Good Morning Snowie, will go right after this and send my well wishes to Fran. We are going to have some sun today, good for my landscaping job. Managed to get one job in yesterday, between rain showers, another today. Hurray for tomorrow's day off.
  6. Goose Liver


    Yup being neighbors we got the rain as well, all night Friday and into Sat. morning, the skies are faily clear today and they are calling for sun today and tomorrow... I know we need the rain, have had one of the dryest Mays. the rain made my grass grow another inch over night.. have to cut every two days now
  7. Hi all. we are also having a boycott on our two largest gas companies Petro Canada and Shell.. our gas prices convert to over $4.00 a gallon. I have gone out of my way to get gas from other companies.
  8. Thanks everyone.. baby and mom and dad are all doing well.
  9. Good morning all.. had to come here and tell you my exciting news.... my lil baby sister had a baby yesterday. I was at the hospital when he was born... it's her first, Aiden mitchell weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz and is 20 1/2 inches long... cord wrapped around his neck 3 times.. but not to tightly so all was well. We are very excited for our little baby sister. Just wanted you all to know.
  10. Great ideas for the shower curtains Hilly...never would have thought of anything except to throw it away. You are a trooper working in that hot factory.... but I guess you do what you have to do.......you score points for that one.
  11. sounds like a good idea to me Hilly, and I live in Canada our gas prices are outrageous right now..... grrrrrrrr
  12. Good Morning all.. hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day and everyone did something they wanted to. I had family over to my place and then later in the day.. I painted, planted and then watched the Finale of Survivor. Had a great day. Today we have clouds with possible thunder and lightning...I'm going to get wet. Have a great Monday.
  13. Morning all.... happy birthday to your son, Dee.... hi ya snowie.... Off to work this morning... the strike was settle at the very last minute, last night.. managed to avert a strike that would have immobilized our entire province.. all unions were walking off in support.. but now it looks like I will be starting my first day of grounds.. hope you all have a wonderful Monday..
  14. Goose Liver


    Deb.. you can recognize them by their hair blowing free in the wind.... not a care in the world... snicker.
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