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  1. This is easier on the eyes. The bright "spring" colors were really hard for me to read. (I'm not that old, but some days my senses make me think I am! )
  2. Cat, I read about your chickens... and it does sound like you are having "one of those days." You are in my thoughts and prayers... as is everyone here. It's always uplifting just to know that someone else is there, praying for us... somehow that makes everything easier. <--- for everyone
  3. That's interesting because we live in an urban area and I've been thinking about planting our garden in the front yard...
  4. hmm. I actually do my job from a big van most of the time. So, this definitely gives me something to consider, since we are sometimes many hours' drive from my home. I already have some of these basics in the van, just because we are so far away from civilization at times. Thanks for the link! Very helpful and informative!
  5. Thanks! I really needed that!
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