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  1. Hi I am not trying to be funny...this is a real question...anybody here know anything about eating bugs? I know they are a major food source for many people on the planet and are plentiful and easy to obtain... but it seems not many people are into it in this country.I am always curious on what is available around me as a resource and there are always insects. I figured if anybody had an answer you ladies would. Types , preparation, opinions ...anyone? I have been made fun of before for asking this
  2. oooo witchhazel...probably easier to spray than oil and water mixture...gonna try
  3. Hi... Been raising bunnies for about 10 years now for both show and meat. Just curious on how you ladies humanely slaughter rabbits. I have tried a few ways and have my preferred methods but always looking to learn more.
  4. Hi Everybody... some of you may know this already but here we go anyway. I train horses and flies are a nasty reality. Summertime always means bottles of poison sprayed all over the bodies of our pets, surroundings and even ourselves. Never thought about it much until about 16 years ago. The horse rescue i worked at brought in this beautiful little Mustang mare named Mystery. She was beautiful and a wonder to know and train. She was also sensitive to most everything that was standard horse care products, medications,feed and vaccines. She was the first horse to show me how bad the flysp
  5. Hi , Possum here! I had the great pleasure of meeting one of you wonderful people earlier this week and she told me about this forum. So glad she did. I am new to the mechanics of prepping but not to the idea that a person unaware of how to work with the world around them is dead when everything goes to hell. I am a horse trainer by profession and have cared for all kinds of animals for both food and companionship purposes. I always have a little zoo wherever I go . This zoo right now includes a Possum who i have decided is one of nature's greatest little creatures. Amazing how you can le
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