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  1. I used to make a very very interesting dessert but I have lost the recipe so maybe one you have it. It is a lemon meringue pie but the lemon filling is made from.... you won't believe it.... vidalia onions. You would never know that it is made from onions!!!!!
  2. We just had someone break into City Hall and steal all of the computer equipment. This means that anyone who has voted, etc. had their info on those computers and anyone who works for the city and has direct deposit... well you can imagine. Soc. Sec. numbers, bank info, etc. They are advising people to close bank account, charge cards, etc and open new ones immediately.
  3. I made emu steaks last night and they were great!! I took the whole skin with the fat and froze it until I have a day when I can render it.. there is so much of it. I will let you know how the oil turns out. It will be unrefined but will still work great in soaps, lotios, etc.
  4. Okay, I need emu recipes. Now before I tell this story, Westie, you can not laugh... I got 6 emus from a man today for free I just had to pay his gas. Well, I had to put my goats in with the chickens so I could put the emus in the goat pen... there were 3 chicks...okay they were no problem. Then there were 3 yearlings. One of them CLIMBED my fence, went right thru the electric wire and off it went. So, my hubby and son knew we could not catch it, grabbed the shotgun and killed it.... blam!! I was proud of them.... no wasting. So now I have about 30 pounds of emu to freeze. Any ideas?
  5. I'm excited, excited, excited!! I made a huge ham and put the rest of it in the freezer so I can make soup when the canner comes!!!!! Thanks again!!
  6. Welllll, I don't have a tiara, but I have a tu-tu, will that do?
  7. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!! *starts looking for stuff to can* Guess I better get my garden started... Wow, what an awesome thing to do for people. I am just so thrilled. As soon as it arrives I will take a pic of it and post it if I can figure out how..lol Darlene, you are truly a wonderful person. Let's hear 3 cheers for Darlene!!!
  8. Sunny, I opened my package and my WE grew feathers and wings and turned green!!!!!! It was a beautiful owl candle holder. Thanks so much, I love it and I am already using it!!!!
  9. This was really an awesome and very generous thing to do, Darlene.... kudos to you!!!
  10. Yes, Darlene, I would be very interested in a canner. What a great drawing this was and congrats to the winner. Geesh, now I have to grow my nails back...... lol
  11. Get a mental image of this... Darlene sitting there at her computer laughing maniacally yelling.. "Yes, I have the power!" while she sees us in her mind chewing finger nails up to our ears!!!!!!!
  12. IT IS JUNE THE FIRST!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED... 6 AM THIS MORNING THIS IS WHERE I WAS!!! Geez, I need to get a life...
  13. I am so excited!!! Tick Tock, Tick Tock..... boy, if I win this one, I am gonna lock it in my semi storage box in between uses so no hurricanes can take it....lol Good luck everyone!!!
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