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Will you be including a section


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Spiritual readyness is an individual belief system, and is nearly impossible to do one that could be used by everyone.

I think each should make their own notes of things to remember, a guide to peace from within.


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Lois, I agree completely! But I bet there would be a simple way to do a page with a couple of really nice quotes to remind us of the importance of this part of preparation. And a blank page or two for everyone to fill in on their own.

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Very nice suggestion, MOAM...do you maybe have anything in particular in mind, any kinda quote? I'm thinking of a couple of things but am too lazy at this time of night to get up and go find if it would work lol...I'll try to do it next week (I'll be outta town for a few days).


I also like a couple of blank pages...that's a nice idea to give people an *included* place for them to write personal things there.

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