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Cute Story I have to share......


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I don't get to actually talk on the phone to my son but about once every three weeks. Well, he called me tonight. I told him how the weather here is slowly changing into fall and how the nights are getting cool. He told me it was getting cold there and that he actually had goose bumps on his arms. I was amazed, I didn't think it got cold where he is, in the southeast side of Iraq now. He came back and told me it had gotten down to eighty degrees there and he was freezing! I thought you ladies might get a chuckle out of hearing this.

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got a call from Michael's Mom asking about the snow storm we were getting here ( so far more then a foot) and she said how she was freezing as it when down to 40 degress outside last night at her place?

Mom- that would be a heat wave for us as we are now having temps in the 3 to 12 degree range?

well she is now glad for the 40's



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