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  1. Hi Everyone, Sorry that I've been away for so long, but the summer went by in such a rush that I hardly had time to breath. I still don't have internet service at home and only get to visit if and when I get to the library for a brief visit. We did a lot of canning this summer, corn, pickles, apples, and soups. We haven't had a lot of luck with the critters because the eagles, yes, we have eagles, have been stealing them...our chickens anyway. I just wanted to let you know that we are still here and that I am still thinking and praying for you all. Hope to get back more often, now that I know that the library can get me here. I have an appointment in about an half hour, so I have to run. Love In The Lord,
  2. Why do elephants paint their toenails red? So they can hide in strawberry patches.
  3. Need a good laugh today? Here it is..... I was in Wal-Mart buying a large bag of Purina for my dog and was in line to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog........Duh! I was feeling a bit crabby so on impulse, I told her no, I was starting the Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care unit with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms. Her eyes about bugged out of her head. I went on and on with the bogus diet story and she was totally buying it. I told her that it was an easy, inexpensive diet and that the way it works is to load your pockets or purse with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The package said the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a tall guy behind her. Horrified, she asked if something in the dog food had poisoned me and was that why I ended up in the hospital. I said no.....I'd been sitting in the street licking my butt when a car hit me. I thought the tall guy was going to have to be carried out the door From an email I received this morning!!!
  4. My daughter just got married and they are still working on the house, which I know is really important. We were to get a snow storm and she tells me they have 4 cans of veges in the cupboard. I made an emergency pack of 4 days of food for 8 people - 3 meals a day, plus snack. I told her to put it on the top shelf of the cupboard with a big sign that read...emergency food supply - DO NOT TOUCH! Well her Mom in Law's feelings were hurt...oh boo hoo!! I told my daughter to tell her the sign was so that the kids wouldn't eat the pudding and stuff in the kit. That lasted until the next weekend when they loaded up half of the stuff we had stored here to take there...the MIL's feelings were hurting again...what can I say. People who don't prep aren't going to understand those of us who do.
  5. While grease in dehydrated meats is not good, old timers used it to "pot" meats for winter storage and it kept fine. Sausage would be cooked and layered into a crock with hot lard to cover it. When sausage was needed, it was dug out and the lard spread back over the area to keep the meat from coming into contact with air thus preserving the meat. This was only done in late fall thru the winter and was kept in a very cold place...almost like being refrigerated. When we can sausage, we basically do the same thing. Layering the sausage, pork or beef in the jars and covering with the juices and grease from the pan. Then processed in the pressure cooker. As long as the seal is good, so is the meat. The grease then can be saved for soap making.
  6. MACARONI & EGGS Cook enough macaroni for your family. Scramble enough eggs for your family plus two or three. Add some oil and butter to a skillet and toss in the noodles an add the eggs. Stir until the eggs are set. Don't forget the salt & pepper. Great with stewed tomatoes. CORN BREAD WITH BROCCOLLI SAUCE Cube up some spam or leftover ham and add to your favorite corn bread. Bake according to your normal directions. Prepared your favorite broccolli with cheese sauce. Split the corn bread and serve with broccolli and cheese sauce. ALMOST INSTANT CHICKEN CORN NOODLE SOUP 1 can chicken 2 double boxes instant chicken noodle soup 2 cans of corn 1 can of cubed potatoes 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped Prepare instant soup as directed on box. Drain potatoes and add. Add corn, undrained. When everything is cooked, add chopped hard boiled eggs and serve.
  7. We only bulk shop once a year and for the rest of the year we hardly buy anything, so as long as I sneak in the bulk buy, it's not hard to keep it a secret. My daughter just got engaged last Sunday (the wedding's the 17th, so I may not be around much) and he though he knew how much stuff we had, but now that he's gonna be family he's getting a real view of what we have and what we need to move to his house and he's like "Oh, my goodness!!!" When he went to the attic and looked at all the clothes for the boys (jeans, tshirts and sweats) from size 10 to size 18 he was like no wander you could give me clothes for my son for school last fall. He had put up some shelves for some canned goods, but he had never seen the 5 and 6 gallon buckets of sugar (brown, white & 10X), flour, pastas, oatmeal, rice, etc. He almost flipped out when I showed him the forty pound containers of salt. He is currently building on to his house to add bedrooms for all of us (4 kids, 2 moms, him and my daughter all in one house). I am trying to convince him to add a closed secure storeroom in the basement, along with a paper product storeroom on the third floor. Will make it so much nicer than under the beds, etc. My best friend knows part of my plan and the little girl that I sometimes babysit, her Mom knows; because I have been helping her to set up her own storage program. That's about it.
  8. Most of my reasons have already been voiced, but I will voice them again. Number One, they aren't making any more land, so I would buy as much land as I could buy at the time of the move. If that's further away...fine. Number Two, fences have always made good neighbors so does a little distance. Ten minutes is nothing now and a thrity minute walk to your friend's house will be a great cooling off period if your ticked off about something. How fast can you ride it on a bike or a horse?? Number Three, with the amount of land on the second property, you will be able to cache some survival stuff in case both families become overun and need to bug out into the woods. I will pray for you to be quided in your decision.
  9. Quess I'm just old fashioned and don't trust this new stuff. I'll just keep my records by hand, check it twice a year, it's my system and it works for me. Like my Daddy said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  10. Well, since I've been celibate now for the last 8+ years, for me it's chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!!
  11. In addition to what you have already listed: For each adult: 1 fine hunting knife with leather sheath 1 sharpening stone 1 back pack (bob?) 1 rain poncho 1 liner Fox Fire series of books Pressure canner Dehydrator Water Filtration system Complete First Aid Kit The rest I would spend on the following long term storage items: salt, butter powder, nonfat dry milk, dry eggs, TVP, sugar, flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa, rice, beans, and seasonings
  12. Some of my cast iron have been in my family for over 50 years. When ever I use them and they need it, I wash them with soap and water...YEP...soap and water. Then I place them on the stove to evaporate all the water off and grease them inside and out with plain crisco. Then they go into the oven with a constant gas pilot light. Next day it goes on the wall next to the oven until I use it again. I bake cornbread, spoonbread and biscuits in my cast iron and love it. My pans are basically non-stick but I run a light film of crisco on them with a paper towel before dumping in my batter or dropping the biscuits. If you want a really crispy crust heat the pan in the oven first. I have two tiny little skillets that I use to make pot pies for my son and I...talk about a light and fluffy pie crust. Needless to say, I love my cast iron and am always looking for more...so I can have enough to pass along to all my "kids".
  13. I don't have a recipe, but you should be able to find a patty shell recipe on the net.
  14. When in doubt bring whatever you are making to a boil, place it in the crockpot and keep it on high, it will continue to bubble away. I know that's how we have to use it in the restaraunt. They have a problem with the time that it takes it to come to a boil...placing it in the kettle at a boil elliminates that problem. Call the agent and ask her if this will fix the problem for her. Sometimes, I think the agents are so afraid of canning that they shouldn't be in charge of handling questions for that area. Just MHO!!! I have often used a slow cooker for butters (fruit) and tomato sauce. When you pressure cook them afterward I believe that they will be fine. At least mine always have been.
  15. I love the parmesean cheese recipe.
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