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Herbal Bath Tea


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Herbal Bath Tea

2 Tbsp dried chamomile

2 Tbsp dried rose petals

2 Tbsp dried orange blossoms

1 coffee filter

1 8 x 8 inch piece of lace fabric (or other fabric - muslin would work)

1 10-inch piece of stain ribbon


Put the herbs in the coffee filter, then place the coffee filter on the 8 x 8 fabric. Gather it up and tie with ribbon. Use hot water in your bath and let the herbs steep for at least 5 minutes prior to getting in.


Note: Never take a "hot" bath, as it is hard on the skin, causing wrinkling and itching. Let water cool a bit to a "warm" temp.


Relaxing Bath Infusion

1 Tbsp dried peppermint

1 Tbsp dried lavender buds

1 Tbsp dried eucalyptus

1 Tbsp dried chamomile


Make as above.


Note: Coffee filter is optional if you use muslin cloth or a drawstring muslin bag.

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